CBS, Television Network giant, via Dayport Inc, deployed Xgforce server hardware providing Live TV Broadcast Server Clusters on the Internet for CBS viewers.


Hawaii based communications technology company specialized in business communication systems such as messaging systems, fax systems, telephone and voice systems.  

Dayport Inc.

Leading real time video streaming and broadcasting company chose Xgforce Dual CPU Rackmount Server hardware as their real time video capturing Platform for their national and regional Television Broadcast clients, such as CBS (,,

Canadian ISP

Leading Canadian ISP successfully provided load balancing and fail over web hosting service for large casino, serving casino clients with 20 cluster groups, each cluster group contains 10 cluster node for their heavy traffic sites.  Network traffic is distributed in several computer centers across North America with load balancing and fail over assurance.


Leading online school education site deploys Xgforce Global Server Clustering, SQL Clustering Technology, and CFS File System Clustering Technology in Quad Cluster Mode to load balance and failover Windows 2000 servers and MS SQL Servers between Xgforce Web Hosting Center in USA and Web Hosting Center in Malaysia.

Leading Brazilian OEM System Integrator deploys Xgforce CFS, File System Clustering product on Windows 2000 Servers for 14 of their customers to replicate and synchronize Windows files across Internet.

Leading Web Development firm based in Roseville, CA United States, specialized in helping American Car Dealers, Motor Dealers, RV/Bus Dealers, and Boat Dealers to succeed in online e-commerce.  Smart Web Concepts deployed two Xgforce Cluster Load Balancer product, 2.0GHz with 1GB DDR Memory, running 2 Cluster Groups, each 8 Cluster Nodes for two of their customers' online store. 

Arcom of Saudi Arabia 

Large IT consulting service company in Saudi Arabia, whose client includes:

  • Ministry of Information
  • Saudi TV
  • Saudi Press Agency
  • Border Guard
  • National Security Council
  • National Research Center at the Council of Ministers
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Saudi Arabia Airlines
  • Maintenance contract for BOEING Middle East
chose Xgforce Dual Xeon Gigabit Load Balancer Series for their major clients in Saudi Arabia.


A Rapid growing software company headquartered in St. Paul, MN, USA, employs Xgforce Global Load Balancing and Failover Cluster Service for their Enterprise Content Management client.

US Marine

US Marine purchased Xgforce dual load balancer and cluster agent (Windows 2003) for army logistic application systems.

US Navy

Applied Technology Office for US Naval Project at Fort Detrick, MD, deployed Xgforce product for its Aegis Project.

Italian Air Force
Italian Air Force of the Italian Defense Department purchased Xgforce Gigabit load balancer for operation applications.

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