OS2000  UNIX V3.0, Cluster Edition

OS2000 Cluster Server is the Unix running on Intel Servers.  It came with X Windows and virtual desktop. It's able to run as a standalone server or as a large scaled Unix Cluster, with 1024 homogeneous nodes (including various Unix node--SUN SPARC, OS2000, BSD, Linux), and Windows 2000, and Novell, etc. 

OS2000 is integrated with Apache web servers, mail servers, ftp servers, proxy servers, etc. It is the complete Unix server solution with lower price, better reliability, and higher performance.

OS2000 also provides business automations to reduce corporate labor cost and to increase profit margin.

OS2000 Server is good for personal use. There are C/C++ and Fortran compilers along with full system libraries that one can write, distributed business client/server programs, or to automate difficult calculations. There are also scripting languages such as PERL, SED, AWK, TCL/TK for building enterprise Web based applications and dynamic Web pages. You may also take advantage of all the Internet/Intranet server facilities such as massive mailing and faxing. 







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