XGforce eCluster Server load balancing and Failover hardware and software

eCluster™ Feature Highlight:

  • layer 7 Global Load Balancing and Fail-Over Clustering - Virtual Domain
  • Layer 3 Virtual IP (packet based) Load Balancing and Fail-Over - Virtual IP
  • Unprecedented High Availability - eliminate all single point of failure for 100% Uptime
  • Unprecedented Scalability - large-scale expansion of servers, up to 1 Million Cluster Groups and 4096 Cluster Nodes
  • Xgforce Dynamic Server Feedback Protocol
  • Inter-Cluster Clustering - Load Balance and Fail Over among Unlimited Number of Clusters and Data Centers (Virtual IP is available in Load Balancer/SUN SPARC/FreeBSD with Layer 3 driver.)
  • SQL Database Clustering
  • SSL Encrypted and Compressed Communication (47:1 ratio) Channel
  • Persistent Cookies Switching
  • Persistent SSL Packet Switching
  • Clustering Algorithm and Rules such as CPU Usage, Load Average, Weighted Load Average, VM Usage, Geographic Proximity (Version 4), RTT, Fail-Over, and File System Space, Number of Processes, Least Connections, Maximum Connections
  • Application Server Port Load Balance and Fail-Over
  • Scriptability to Take a Server On-Line/Off-Line
  • Content Aware Clustering - URL Fail Over, Cold Fusion Fail Over, SQL Fail Over (If one of the URL failed, an automatic fail-over will take place.)
  • Firewall and VPN (Available in Load Balancer product, Various BSDs with Layer 3 Driver) with Stateful Packet Inspection
  • Preventing Denial of Service (DoS), TCP SYN Attacks, SMURF Attacks, FIN and XMAS scans 
  • Packet State Engine - keep track of whether or not a connection is established, works with TCP, UDP and ICMP
  • Bandwidth Management and Traffic Shaper
  • IP Version 6 Support
  • E-Mail Alert for Malfunctions
  • CFS, the Clustered File System (add-on)
  • Platform Supported, Windows 2000/XP, SUN SPARC/INTEL, Various BSDs/Linux, and OS2000.
  • Cluster Agent Available for Windows NT 4/2000/2003/XP, SUN SPARC, Various BSDs/Linux, and OS2000.
  • Example Load Balancing and Fail-Over Applications:
    • WAN Links
    • Servers
    • Firewalls
    • VPNs
    • Search Engines
    • Intrusion Detection Systems
    • LDAP
    • Streaming Media - Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)
    • Wireless Internet - Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)
    • VoIP Gateways
    • PBX
    • WebLogic
    • Citrix
    • Oracle
    • PeopleSoft
    • SAP
    • Siebel
    • Lotus
    • and more...

Both hardware and software clustering are available for various Operating Systems.  For success stories, click here.

eCluster Load Balance Layer 7
Layer 7 eClustering
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XGFORCE Global Clustering Service - 2 Cluster Center
eCluster Load Balancing
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